Ukrainian drone captured the moment HIMARS artillery rocket destroyed Putin’s $200 Million Predel-E Radar

This is the incredible moment Ukraine obliterated a $200 million Russian radar system with US-made HIMARS missiles.

Vladimir Putin’s pricey Predel-E coastal over-the-horizon radar system went up in smoke in the Russian-occupied Kherson region.

Dramatic drone footage shows how the state-of-the-art weaponry was blitzed in the pinpoint strike by Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces.

High-precision HIMARS missiles struck Putin’s prized toy, which has only been in operation since June, on Monday.

The “unique” addition to Russia’s arsenal burst into a fireball as rockets rained down on its resting spot in the Port of Zaliznyi.

Ukraine claimed it was stationed there to monitor troops on both land and sea, slamming Putin’s forces “pompousness.”

The radar system was supposed to be protected by a Leer-2 electronic warfare system situated closeby, although this was also destroyed in the strike.

Plumes of black smoke billowed into the air as the two high-tech contraptions were torpedoed.

Aerial video then shows the charred remains of the radar system, which Ukraine say was sent to spy on troops in the Kherson region.

A post on the Telegram channel Defence Forces of the South slammed Russia’s brazen attempt at snooping.

It read: “Mobile coastal radar station of over-the-horizon detection with increased secrecy Predel-E – this is how ambitiously and pompously the Russians presented the novelty of their military-industrial complex to a narrow circle of specialists in June this year.

“Then they sent it to the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast in secret to monitor our actions both at sea and on land.”

Ukraine’s armed forces added that the radar system was covered by the Leyer-2, but “nothing can be hidden from us on our land.”

A prototype of the £160million Predel-E was first paraded by Russia two years ago, before it was presented at an exhibition in June.

Only 25 Predel-E’s are said to have been produced so far.

Ukraine claimed its strikes on the Kherson region also wiped out a Strizh electronic warfare system and two Murom-P video surveillance systems.

Three cannons, one mortar, one tank and 34 Russian soldiers were reportedly annihilated by the fearsome HIMARS missiles.

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