Turkey, Russia Failed To Conclude Negotiation Of Second Batch of S-400 SAM

Turkey will not receive the technology of technology for the production of the S-400 air defense system in Turkey and will not procure the second set of weapons.

The negotiations started by the Turkish side with Russia on the conclusion of a contract for the supply of the second set of S-400 “Triumph” SAM to the Turkish army with the transfer of the appropriate technologies for the production of these missiles turned out to be a failure. The experts came to this opinion after no details of the announced meeting on this issue were presented.

As part of the latest statements, the Turkish side intended to purchase a second set of S-400 Triumph SAM, and at the same time demanded not only a discount, but also the transfer by the Russian side of the technology for the production of these air defense systems in Turkey. For quite obvious reasons, the Russian side could not be satisfied with such demands, since Turkey is a NATO member, as a result of which Ankara was left without a second set of these weapons and without appropriate technologies.

Quite remarkable is the fact that a day earlier it became known that the United States refused to hold any negotiations with Ankara on lifting the sanctions, which indicates the fact that American weapons will no longer be supplied to Turkey until Turkey abandons Russian S-400 SAM.

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