Israeli Apache helicopter destroyed Pantsir-S ADS in Syria

Syrian Pantsir-S1 destroyed by IDF helicopter.

Last night, Israel again attacked the positions of the Syrian military, attacking the positional area of ​​an anti-aircraft missile system, presumably the Pantsir-S air defense system.

According to Russian news agency Avia.Pro, the Syrian air defense system could not oppose anything to the Israeli helicopter but did not notice it at all, although the effective range of destruction of the “Shell-S” is much greater than that of the Israeli helicopters.

Russian Pantsir Complex

It is known that the Pantsir ADS complex was completely destroyed, while at least three victims of such a strike are reported, the Israeli Air Force AH-64 Apache (“Peten”, “Saraph”) fired two missiles towards the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions inside Ba’ath City on Sunday night after the latter allegedly launched mortar shells into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

AH-64 Apache (“Peten”, “Saraph”)

And on July 17, Israeli said its military fired two Patriot missiles at a drone that infiltrated from Syria.

Nevertheless, the fact that the radars of the air defense systems of Syria and Russia could not detect the approaching helicopter raises great doubts about the capability of the Russian-made air defense system.

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