Indonesian Navy Inaugurates Landing Ship Tank

The Indonesian Navy today inaugurated its newest ship, KRI Teluk Youtefa 522 which is the third ship of the Teluk Bintuni class tank transport ships.

Also known as Landing ship tank (LST), the tactical transport amphibious ship can land tanks, amphibious vehicles and troops close to the coast.

It is manufactured by PT. Daya Radar Utama and launched on 15 May 2019 in Lampung, an Indonesian Navy information said today.

The procurement of KRI Teluk Youtefa – 522 was ordered by the Indonesian Navy Headquarters through the Navy Procurement Service (Disadal). The ship is manned by 111 personnel, has a length of 120 meters, a width of 18 meters, a draft of 3 meters (full load) and weights 4508 tons.  

The vessel has a maximum speed of 16 knots, a cruising speed of 14.8 knots and an economical speed of 13.6 knots with a cruising capability of 7200 nautical miles and is capable of sailing for 20 days using two 4,320 kw STX-MAN diesel engines.

In addition, Yudo also confirmed Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) I Nyoman Armenthia was the commander of the first KRI Teluk Youtefa-552 ship. “Today we have carried out the handover of KRI Teluk Youtefa-522, then the inauguration of the KRI and also the inauguration of the commander of KRI Teluk Youtefa-522,” Yudo said in a written statement, Monday.

KRI Teluk Youtefa 522 can carry 10 leopard tanks, 1 armored unit 2 AVBL, 1 transporter unit, 2 helicopters and 361 troops. It can transport war equipment, logistics and personnel from the base to the target area.

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