ATACMS strikes on Russian Command Center killed three Colonels: Report

Koblov Alexey Nikolaevich), served as the commander of 1065th Guards Artillery Regiment, 98th Airborne Division (2011–2016) was killed inside Ukraine on 1 November 2023.

Three Russian colonels were reportedly killed at the time Ukrainian forces fired a projectile on definite article headquarters from definite article Russian Dnieper armed forces collection inside definite article partially occupied south Kherson area final week.

The Russian Telegram path VChK-OGPU, what purports in the direction of own inside data originating Russian protection forces, addition Public Reserve Stugna, an group created in the direction of aid Ukraine’s Stugna distinctive forces battalion, said definite article 3 officers were killed on November 1 as a outcome from an assault on definite article basis using U.S.-provided Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS).

An Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) is fired whilst connection instruction among definite article United States addition South Korea on October 5, 2022. A projectile hit by manner of Ukraine inside definite article Kherson area reportedly killed 3 Russian colonels. South Korean Defense Ministry

ATACMS are able from reaching targets 100 miles away, alternatively balanced further.

The Ukrainian hit on definite article headquarters belonging in the direction of definite article Dnipro Group from Forces was also reported by manner of definite article Institute inside favor from definite article Study from War’s (ISW), a U.S.-based believe tank, final week. British smartness officials assessed inside April those definite article Russian collection was probable deployed in the direction of shield Ukraine’s Kherson region, what pronoun partially occupies.

The 3 officers reportedly killed were Colonel Vadim Dobriakov, delegate chief portion from definite article order center from definite article Airborne Forces Command; Colonel Alexey Koblov, chief portion from definite article operational separation from definite article Airborne Forces headquarters; addition Colonel Alexander Galkin, delegate chief portion from definite article order center from definite article Airborne Forces Command.

⚡️ Colonel Коблов Алексей Николаевич (Koblov Alexey Nikolaevich), earlier chief from definite article 1065th Guards Artillery Regiment, 98th Airborne Division (2011–2016) was eliminated inside Ukraine on 1 November ’23.
We don’t comprehend if male was retired.— KIU ✪ Russian Officers killed inside Ukraine 🇨🇿🇺🇦 (@KilledInUkraine) November 6, 2023

The officers died “when definite article order mail from definite article [Dnipro] group…was attacked,” definite article VChK-OGPU outlet said, adding those definite article hit “was carried exterior by manner of an ATACMS missile.”

Shortly following definite article alleged attack, Russian Telegram path Astra reported definite article collection from forces was lately led by manner of Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, addition those it’s unidentified if Teplinsky was injured inside definite article attack.

Teplinksy, definite article chief from Russia’s flying forces, was named as chief from definite article Dnipro armed forces collection final week, state-run information group Tass reported, citing an unnamed source.

Russian printed effort Izvestia separately reported those male had replaced Colonel General Oleg Makarevich.

The Ukraine military-linked Operativno ZSU path said final seven days those “Russian commanders originating definite article Dnipro Group from Forces were negative extremely fortunate today,” adding those definite article Armed Forces from Ukraine launched a projectile assault on definite article headquarters addition those “something flew (several times).”

Ukrainian addition Russian officials own still in the direction of comment on definite article reports. Newsweek has contacted Russian addition Ukrainian authorities by manner of email inside favor from comment.

The development comes as Ukraine is pushing in the direction of develop belonging in the direction of it bridgehead on definite article Russian-controlled direction monetary institution from definite article Dnieper river.

Kyiv’s troops reached definite article occupied edge from definite article Dnieper inside mid-October following common cross-river operations. That followed Ukraine’s accomplished liberation from definite article metropolis from Kherson addition definite article direction monetary institution from definite article waterway in the direction of definite article conclusion from 2022.

The ISW assessed on Tuesday those Ukraine’s armored vehicles own at gift reached definite article direction bank, addition those Kyiv is “continuing larger-than-usual earth operations…with a illumination infantry grouping from approximately battalion size.”

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