Defense & Security

The global security landscape is shifting dramatically. How can you protect your country in today’s tumultuous world? Could Global Defense Corp (GDC) help policymakers ensure that resources remain aligned with strategic demands?

Maintaining a military that is prepared to face uncertain future security challenges often requires the acquisition and procurement of new and technologically advanced equipment, which is a significant expense for any nation.

GDC offers strategic advisory and consulting services to various organizations. GDC Consulting Solutions embarked on discovering new strategic solutions and alternatives for military-industrial support to improve programs of operations across all forces.

We at GDC understand that improving an organization’s processes makes them more efficient and effective and provides significant cost savings. We do not take your choice to use our services lightly. GDC offers consultations to assist a military organization to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We help identify strategic goals and provide the way ahead to meet and exceed those goals.

Military Assets Acquisition

The military acquisition is the bureaucratic management and procurement process dealing with a nation’s investments in the technologies, programs, and product support necessary to achieve its national security strategy and support its armed forces.

GDC has researched and evaluated military acquisition and procurement activities, providing essential recommendations to allow military decisionmakers to manage costs and streamline the acquisition process more effectively.

Our research identifies and describes some of the issues related to managing acquisition program information in the emerging acquisition environment resulting from statutory changes within the strategic acquisition programme office. 

An acquisition’s strategic rationale should be a specific articulation of one of these archetypes, not a vague concept like growth or strategic positioning, which may be essential but must be translated into something more tangible. Furthermore, even if your acquisition is based on one of the archetypes below, it won’t create value if you overpay.

Defense Planning

Defense planning needs a new approach to identify strategies that perform well over a wide range of threat and funding futures. GDC research on behalf of the customer, advise the customer to identify threats scenarios and advise on mitigation strategy with certainty in the sophisticated geopolitical and military warfare.

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