Algeria to Receive Su-57 in 2028

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

The first Russian fourth-generation Su-57 fighters will fly in Africa. Previously, GDC has reported that Algeria has signed a $ 2 billion contract with Russia to purchase 14 of these aircraft. 

However, Russia cannot confirm a delivery date sooner. Moreover, the industrial director of the Rostec aviation complex, Anatoly Serdyukov, said back in September 2020 that until a sufficient number of Su-57s appear in the Russian Aerospace Forces, there will hardly be a noticeable demand for it in the world. He explained that the time has not yet come for export deliveries, but promotions are underway. Rosoboronexport also said that the Su-57 would not be exported earlier than in 6-8 years.

Thus, it seems unlikely that the Algerians signed the above-mentioned contract with the Russians, and there were no accompanying statements from any of the countries. But Algeria does intend to buy this plane. Moreover, the Algerians announced their intentions back in 2019. They have staked out a spot and are just waiting for Russia to announce that the Su-57 has received an export license.

Algeria has always been a priority buyer of weapons for Moscow. The Algerians were the first to receive MiG-25 high-altitude interceptors from the USSR. After that, the provocations of the Moroccan Air Force on the border stopped. Algeria possesses the S-400 air defense missile system, the Pantsir-SM air defense missile system, the Iskander OTRK and other weapons systems. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Su-57 will appear in Algeria, even in 2028, and will become the first Su-57 aircraft in Africa.

At the same time, India abandoned such a glorified fourth-generation fighter. The Indians withdrew from the joint fifth-generation fighter program (FGFA) with the Russians, unwilling to make efforts to create an improved version of the Su-57. The joint development was supposed to be a win-win for both countries. But Su-57 turned out to be lame-duck Russian fighters for India when India could buy advanced fighters from Western countries.

Now the Indian Air Force is experiencing a critical shortage of such aircraft, due to the growing pressure from the Chinese Air Force. India took delivery of advanced 4.5 generation Rafale fighters from French Dassault Aviation. Implementation of its own Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program will take an unknown number of years. Indian experts believe that the Indian Armed Forces will seek cooperation with the U.S. and Europe to build fighter jets in India. Thus, the acquisition of the Su-57 is the out of scope for the Indian Air Force.

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