Ukrainian drone captured the moment HIMARS destroys Russian S-300V4 Antey Surface-to-air Missile

Ukrainian HIMARS destroyed Russia's S-300V4 9A83M launcher.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces were able to hit a Russian S-300V4 Antey surface-to-air missile system. The HIMARS system was able to strike at 70 kilometers range.

The S-300V4’s real-world tracking range doesn’t quite live up to the brochure figure, as demonstrated in Ukraine with S-300V’s inability to handle Mach 2.5 HIMARS rockets despite having more than 90 seconds engagement window on paper. If it has so much trouble handling Mach 2.5 HIMARS rockets which can be detected from boost-phase, how well do you think S-300V4 would fare against much faster ballistic targets with roughly similar RCS?

The components of the S-300V4 Antey surface-to-air missile system were observed by a Ukrainian drone. First, the video shows the self-propelled 9S32 multi-channel missile guidance station. Next, the footage shows a self-propelled sector-viewing radar station 9S19.

The drone camera captured three self-propelled launchers 9A83M and one launch-loading vehicle 9A84M. The latter is equipped with containers for 9M83M interceptor missiles, which are designed to destroy ballistic missiles.

Drone footage shows 9A84M and 9A85M loader launcher before the destruction of the loader launcher.

The M142 HIMARS was able to completely destroy two 9A83M launchers and one 9A82M launcher and loader. The 9C457, 9C15M radar, and 9C19M2 missile guidance station were also destroyed. A fuel tanker truck was also hit and exploded.

S-300V4 missile system.

The S-300V, NATO code-named SA-12 Gladiator is a family of air defense missile systems based on tracked armored vehicles that entered into service with the Russian armed forces in 1988. It can fire two types of missiles including the 9M82 and the 9M83. It has a maximum firing range of 100 km and can reach an aerial target at an altitude of up to 30 km. It can destroy ballistic missiles flying at a maximum altitude of 25 km.

S-300V4 guidance station was also destroyed.

The S-300V anti-aircraft missile division consists of 9C457, 9C15M, 9C19M2 radars and four anti-aircraft missile batteries, each of which included one 9C32 multi-channel missile guidance station, two 9A82 multiplexes, one 9A84 launcher, four 9A83 launchers and two 9A85 launchers.

The S-300V4 is a modernized version of the S-300V3, NATO code name SA-23 Gladiator. It is designed to defeat short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and fixed-wing aircraft. The S-300V4 missile launcher system is mounted on a tracked armored vehicle to increase mobility in all-terrain conditions.

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