Ukraine’s $500 FPV drones destroying $4.3 million T-90 Proryv tank

Ukrainian forces used a tiny FPV drone to destroy a modern Russian T-90M “Proryv” tank in Ukraine’s Kherson region.

According to reports from Militarnyi, this operation was conducted by operators from the 124th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade.

Before this mission, the Russian tank had already been rendered inoperable, as visible in the video footage where the T-90M’s engine had ignited. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian forces decided to finish off the Russian tank using a kamikaze drone, preventing any possibility of its recovery or repair.

The T-90M model 2017 also nicknamed Proryv-3 is an upgraded variant of the export version of the T-90MS Main Battle Tank (MBT) developed and designed by the Russian Company Uralvagonzavod.

During the operation, a reconnaissance drone closely monitored the tank’s movements.

The T-90M is one of the most modern Russian tanks, entering service as recently as 2020. Russian media has touted this tank as one of the best in the world, emphasizing its impressive armor protection. However, Ukrainian military forces have once again demonstrated their capability to neutralize this advanced tank.

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