Ukrainian Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles Destroying Russian T-90 Proryv Tanks

Destroyed T-90 tanks.

Ukrainian troops successfully destroyed a modern Russian T-90M “Proryv” tank using two Bradley fighting vehicles.

According to the Militarnyi, the engagement, coordinated through reconnaissance drones, unfolded in the village of Stepove, where Ukrainian troops engaged the Russian tank at an extremely close range.

Utilizing precise tactics, Ukrainian forces disrupted the Russian tank’s onboard combat system, causing the turret to rotate uncontrollably. Subsequently, the tank collided with trees, bringing it to a halt. The Russian crew abandoned the incapacitated tank, which was later confirmed by a military source who had observed the footage from a reconnaissance drone.

An eyewitness military account revealed that the majority of the operation was executed by two Bradley armored vehicles. The combat footage depicted the effective neutralization of the T-90M tank.

The T-90M is the latest main battle tank to enter frontline Russian service.

Russian state media as making the T-90M Proryv the most advanced armored vehicle in the world, well-suited for modern warfare. In an interview with pro-Russian military bloggers, Putin also said that the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine has confirmed that the T-90M Proryv is the world’s best main battle tank.

This fragment of the war between Ukraine and Russia will be remembered in history and underscores the impactful support provided by the United States to Ukraine, with the provision of 109 M2A2-ODS Bradley and four B-FIST variant combat vehicles.

The Bradley fleet is part of a comprehensive aid package, including tanks, other armored vehicles, howitzers, and additional equipment, fortifying Ukraine’s defensive capabilities against Russian aggression.

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