Chinese Navy’s Type 093 Class Nuclear Submarine Crashed In Taiwan Strait Killing Everyone Onboard

Chinese WeChat social media circulating news that a Type 093 (Shang class) People’s Liberation Army nuclear-powered attack submarine had crashed in unknown circumstances at some point in the past few days, killing everyone aboard. 

The reports came just days after China launched military drills near Taiwan intended to serve as a ‘stern warning’ against colluding with ‘foreign elements’. 

In a concerning incident, a Chinese Navy (PLAN) nuclear-powered Type-093 Shang Class submarine encountered a significant mishap near the Taiwan Strait. This report comes from a well-regarded expert specializing in surface and sub-surface vessels, who shared the information through his Twitter account (X).

“This is currently “unconfirmed”, treat with great caution. Been hearing it for a few hours. Should add, that one thing which makes me doubt some of the accounts is that they have too much information, like crew dying, type of boat etc. However, that doesn’t invalidate the underlying story. But waiting for more info, ideally credible sources (I may have missed some) he noted further. Further reports claim all crew died”.

The Ministry of National Defence (MND) has refuted claims of a Chinese submarine crash in the Taiwan Strait, asserting that there is no supporting evidence for the circulating rumor. The speculation has gained traction online, suggesting that a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Type 093 (Shang class) nuclear-powered attack submarine crashed in the Taiwan Strait, resulting in the loss of all crew members.

During a routine press conference in Taipei, MND spokesman Sun Li-fang communicated that no indicators of a submarine crash have been detected by the nation’s joint intelligence and surveillance apparatus. Notably, the rumor remains confined to social media platforms, with no authoritative sources confirming the alleged incident. Sun declined further comment on the matter.

China’s naval fleet currently operates six Shang-class submarines. Earlier assessments from Chinese sources in the early 2000s had positioned the Type 093’s noise levels on par with American-improved Los Angeles-class submarines and Russian Akula-class submarines.

In 2009, the USN ONI reported the Type 093 to be louder than the Victor III class, which had been in service since 1979. The classification extended to Type 093A or Shang I for the initial two submarines in service, followed by a design modification for an additional four submarines, potentially featuring increased length and a rear hump. This modified version is referred to as Shang II or Type 093B, with a crew complement of 100 individuals.

In a separate development, the United States military disclosed a video in June 2023, depicting what it termed an “unsafe” maneuver executed by a Chinese naval vessel in the Taiwan Strait over the weekend. This involved a Chinese navy ship sharply altering its course across the trajectory of an American destroyer, compelling the US vessel to decelerate to avert a collision.

The incident took place as the USS Chung-Hoon, an American destroyer, and the Canadian frigate HMCS Montreal conducted a “freedom of navigation” transit through the strait, highlighting their contention that the waters are international, despite China’s territorial claims over Taiwan and the passage.

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