Ukraine destroyed Russia’s electronic surveillance equipment in Kherson

Russian EW equipment destroyed in Kherson.

The rare Russian-made mobile electronic warfare system has been knocked out during recent fighting in the Kherson region, Ukraine.

The WarSpotting OSINT group is displaying what it says is the burned-out Russian Borisoglebsk–2B mobile electronic warfare system at the Chornobaivka air base.

“Previously unseen Borisoglebsk–2B electronic warfare system, Kherson airport (a.k.a. Chornobaivka). Leftovers of all the destroyed helicopters seem to have been evacuated or still to be found,” WarSpotting said on Twitter.

Russian EW equipment destroyed in Kherson.

The Borisoglebsk–2B is multi-functional electronic warfare (EW) system mounted on an MT-LB armored vehicle and developed by Sozvezdie company.

Russian EW equipment destroyed in Kherson

According to some reports, like one from Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Borisoglebsk-2 is the core system for electronic warfare in the Russian Army, controlling four types of jamming units from a single point.

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