Ukrainian engineers developed remotely controlled submarine

The “Kronos” stealth submarine can be piloted remotely or by its onboard crew. It is also armed with six torpedoes produced by Leonardo, an Italian defense company.

The novel submarine is being developed by Ukrainian company Highland Systems which is also known for its hybrid multi-purpose armored car “Storm”. The first working model will be demonstrated during the international defense exhibition IDEX-2023, which starts today, February 20, 2023, in Abu Dhabi.

“Kronos” is a versatile vehicle that can equally well perform commercial and military operations, including armed strikes. It can carry 10 passengers plus the captain. Passengers have the possibility to leave the vehicle while stationed underwater. The submarine has a cargo capacity of more than 3 tons.

Ukrainian submarine "Kronos". Image credit: Highland Systems

Ukrainian submarine “Kronos”. Image credit: Highland Systems

Its combat version carries six Black Scorpion torpedoes manufactured by the Italian company Leonardo.

Each side of the submarine contains three units of these projectiles. Black Scorpion weighs 20 kg (44 lbs), is 1.10 meters long, and has a diameter of 127 mm. The effective target hit range reaches up to 3 km (up to 1.9 miles)

The hull of “Kronos” is covered with a special composite material on both external and internal surfaces. This material has a double purpose: it acts as thermal insulation, and also absorbs signals emitted by enemy sonars.

Here are the main operating characteristics of the “Kronos” submarine:

  • speed underwater – 50 km/h (31 mph);
  • surface speed – 80 km/h (50 mph);
  • working depth – 100 meters;
  • maximum depth – 250 meters;
  • maximum underwater time: 54 hours in hybrid mode, 36 hours in battery mode, 18 hours in generator mode;
  • width – 7.4 meters;
  • length – 9.0 meters;
  • height – 2.2 meters

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