Azerbaijan used Harpy-2 drone to destroy another S-300 SAM site in Armenia

As a result of the strike of the Azerbaijani drone strike, the area of ​​the S-300 air defense system was completely destroyed.

A new video of the destruction of Russian S-300 Favorit air defense systems has appeared on the Web. As a result of the strike by Israeli-made kamikaze Harpy-2 drone, self-exploding on contact with the target, the radar and mobile launcher were destroyed, and at least two more launchers were damaged by the explosions.

A video made by surveillance cameras, Armenia recorded the attack how an unmanned aerial vehicle not only flies completely unnoticed to the deployment area of ​​the S-300PS “Favorite” air defense system but also successfully defeats it. This is an unprecedented loss of the S-300 SAM that could not even detect the approach of the enemy’s radar.

On October 9, 2020 the kamikaze drone hit the S-300PS launcher and the three-coordinate radar ST-68U (19Ж6) of the Armenian Armed Forces in the village of Kubatly (Gubadli or Sanasar).

The blow was delivered by Israeli-made IAI Harpy homing aircraft, which are in service with the Azerbaijani army. As a result of the strike Armenian has lost multiple SAM sites and equipment.

First, Israeli and Turkish drones defeated the Pantsir-S, Buk, OSA and S-300 air defense missile system in Syria, Libya and Armenia. It cannot be ruled out that sooner or later the drone attacks could defeat the S-400, and this will greatly undermine the reputation of Russian weapons, the Russian expert remarks.

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