Russian Navy’s USET-80 torpedo is floating off the coast of Severodonetsk

As part of one of the exercises conducted by the Russian fleet in the waters of the Barents Sea, the Russian military lost a torpedo. The incident became known after the torpedo was washed away by waves to the outskirts of Severodonetsk, where the residents of the city discovered it.

The Russian Navy started receiving new electric torpedoes for its submarines and surface ships as of 2019, Vladimir Yarmolyuk, first deputy director general of the Tactical Missiles Corporation, told TASS.

The presented photograph shows how residents of Severodvinsk discovered a torpedo. The multi-meter munition allegedly washed up in waves directly to the shore, after which residents reported the find to the Russian military.

The torpedo was found intact and un-exploded. Russian expert believes that Russia fired several torpedoes that floated away from the target area, indicating poor effectiveness of Russian torpedo.

Russian Navy didn’t comment on the floating torpedo near the town of Severodonetsk. Local authorities couldn’t verify that the torpedo is training torpedo and actual combat variant.

UET-1 is a new universal electric torpedo with enhanced combat and technical characteristics. It is to replace the outdated homing USET-80 electric torpedo.

533mm UET-1 has a bigger range than USET-80, a higher speed and better detection of underwater targets. It can detect the wake of a warship and smoothly regulate the speed.

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