Video shows Russian forces fleeing frontline after Ukraine deployed cluster munitions

Infrared vision shows Russian forces abondoned their positions and flee the frontline once Ukraine deployed cluster bombs. Photo screen capture from the Telegraph.

US-supplied cluster munitions have been deployed in Ukraine and are having an impact on the counteroffensive against Russian forces, a senior White House official has said.

“We have gotten some initial feedback from the Ukrainians, and they’re using them quite effectively,” White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said on Thursday.

Video shows Russian soldiers were fleeing frontline once Ukrainian forces deployed cluster munitions in the battlefield.

Ukraine has pledged to only use the controversial bombs to dislodge concentrations of Russian enemy soldiers. Kirby said the cluster munitions are having an impact on Russian defensive formations and manoeuvring.

Controversial cluster munitions supplied by the United States are being used “effectively” by Ukrainian forces in their counteroffensive against Russia’s invasion, a senior Washington defence official said.

Kirby also said the US-provided cluster bombs – which are banned by more than 120 countries – were having an impact on Russian defensive formations and the manoeuvring of Russia’s forces.

Citing an anonymous Ukrainian source, the Washington Post newspaper reported on Thursday that Kyiv’s forces are using cluster munitions against “well-fortified Russian positions that have slowed Ukraine’s summer offensive”.

According to the Washington Post, Russian front line positions in the east and south of Ukraine, which have successfully slowed Ukraine’s counteroffensive, have been “densely mined with antitank and antipersonnel mines and trip wires in areas” between 4.8km and 16km deep (three to 10 miles).

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