Germany purchased Patriot missile defense system worth $1.2 billion

A shot of a Patriot missile battery firing an interceptor in a US Army test. The Patriot missile defense system is a ground-based interceptor able to eliminate airborne threats. photo: US Army

The German Ministry of Defense has signed an agreement with the US company RTX to purchase additional Patriot air defence systems.

The contract is worth $1.2 billion, as in addition to the launchers themselves, radar stations, a command post and means to ensure the system’s operation will be supplied.

Germany has ordered the latest version of Patriot in the PAC-3MSE configuration. In total, the order is for four air defence systems, which should fill the army’s need as Germany has previously transferred several systems to Ukraine.

The first deliveries will take place in 2027, and the last Patriot will be delivered in 2029.

Patriot is an American system developed by Raytheon. It is capable of detecting, tracking and destroying airborne targets at high altitude and low altitude. Advanced versions, such as the PAC-3, have improved effectiveness against ballistic missiles and hypersonic missile. This system plays a key role in air defence and the protection of strategic assets.

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