U.S. buys S-300 from Ukraine to practice drone strikes against S-300

Iskra Radar.

The US Department of Defense will receive S-300 air defense system and radars from Ukraine to practice adversary training involving drone strikes against S-300 surface-to-air defense system.

The Ukrainian side has reached an agreement with Washington for the sale of radars for S-300 air defense systems to the US Department of Defense for the purpose of adversary training and study by the US military. 

The Iskra Research and Production Complex, which is on the list of strategic enterprises in Ukraine, will supply the United States with radar equipment. This was reported by the “Defense Industrial Courier” news agency with reference to the statement of Dmitry Semyonov, chief designer of the surveillance radars of the NPK Iskra. 

“Just a few days ago, another contract was signed for the supply of our radar equipment to the United States,” he said. For the first time, the Pentagon bought Ukrainian radars of this modification back in 2008. According to Ukrainian sources, the 36D6 type radar in various modifications has been supplied to the United States last year.

In 2019, the US Air Force also acquired an 80K6K-1 radar on the KrAZ-64431 chassis. Russian experts believe that the Ukrainian equipment will most likely be used as part of the US Armed Forces exercises on the side of a potential adversary, which may mean Russia.

Ukrainian-made 36D6 (NATO designated TIN SHIELD) mobile radar system is designed to detect air targets and operates as part of the S-300 system. The 36D6 was destroyed by Azerbaijan using MAM-L smart munition launched from Turkish-made TB2 drone.

According to some reports, the new equipment can also be used in the framework of ongoing exercises, which will allow the US military to obtain objective data on the capabilities of air defense systems and develop a strategy for overcoming air defense means by the use of Kamikaze drones and MALD-J, moreover, the “enemy” in these exercises, obviously, will be Russia.

US Air Force major from the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing Combined Air Power Transition Force, he is the first American pilot to fly Mi-35 HIND attack helicopter in adversary training.

The United States previously obtained various Russian weapons for adversary training from former Warsaw Pact (WP) countries, Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia which includes S-300, Radars, MiG-29 and Hind Attack helicopters. The Air Force uses the Mi-35 as the aggressor at the Red Flag weapons school at Nellis, AFB, Nev.

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