CCTV Footage Revealed Turkish MAM-L Munition Strikes At S-300 SAM Of Armenia

The 19Zh6 (ST-68U) search radar operates as part of S-300 SAM battery.

The S-300 surface-to-air missile system of the Armenian Armed Forces turned out to be the most useless weapon in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The Nagorno-Karabakh military conflict has demonstrated the utter uselessness of the Russian S-300 air defense systems and other Soviet-era weapons, which are in service with the Armenian Armed Forces.

Despite the fact that one of the drones successfully shot down by Armenian forces, the losses of these air defense systems turned out to be much greater – two S-300 positional regions were destroyed in Armenia, and one of the surface-to-air missile system was destroyed on the territory NKR.

Military experts are paying attention to the fact that this weapon turned out to be completely useless against unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular, the S-300 radars simply cannot be seen by enemy drones.

Moreover, according to Yerevan, the territory of the NKR is actively attacked by the combat aircraft of the Air Forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey, however, the S-300 SAM is not used to defeat these targets, which raises a number of questions about how whether the S-300 currently in service with Armenia are useful against modern targets.

The first video footage of the destruction of the S-300 positional area of ​​Armenia appeared proving uselessness of S-300. Judging by the video footage, the attack was completely controlled by highly skilled Turkish military operators.

Analysts do not exclude the possibility that one of the reasons for the uselessness of the S-300 is the Soviet-era radars, which does not allow timely detection of enemy aircraft, helicopters and drones, hence the attack on the Yerevan was not repelled.

CCTV cameras located at the control post of the positional area of ​​the S-300 air defense system of the Armenian Armed Forces were able to record the moment of striking this area and the destruction of the 19Zh6 target acquisition radar, which is used as part of the S-300 air defense system.

19Zh6 (ST-68U) radar. The same model of radar was destroyed by drone attack.

On the presented video frames, you can see the last seconds of the existence of the 19Zh6 (ST-68U) radar, which was hit by an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle. The manufacturer’s brochure advertised the radar coverage range from 150km to 180 km in the “rare” triggering mode.

The radar station was unable to notice the drone, although the radar supposed to operate in conditions of active and passive interference as advertised by the manufacturer – it is not known, however, as a result of its destruction, the entire S-300 positional area turned out to be useless due to the lack of radars.

Experts drew attention to the fact that just a few moments before the strike, one of the servicemen tried to run away from the target radar station, however, judging by the force of the explosion, the latter had no chance.

Noteworthy that there is confirmed information that the attack on the 19Zh6 (ST-68U) radar was inflicted by a Turkish TB2 drone using laser targeting and missile attack from a TB2 drone, Garik Movsesyan Deputy Commander of the Air Defense Forces of the Armenian Armed Forces a day earlier said that on October 10 2020.

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