Chinese-made Tiger Type 2065 armored vehicles falling apart during Bolivia coup attempts

A recent coup attempt in Bolivia highlighted the use of Chinese-made military equipment, specifically the PRC Tiger 4×4 armored vehicle.

The incident brought attention to the vehicle’s vulnerabilities when the steering tie rod broke after hitting a curb, leaving soldiers struggling to repair it by kicking the damaged wheel.

The Tiger Type 2065 is the heaviest 4×4 armoured vehicle offered by the Chinese private company Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles. Available in both open-topped and closed configurations, the Tiger can be adapted for a wide range of roles, such as APC, patrol, police vehicle, ambulance, command post and weapons carrier.

The Tiger 4×4, produced by Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing in Shaanxi Province, China, is designed to transport infantry with enhanced armor protection. It can be adapted for various roles, including command post, law enforcement, riot control, and ambulance.

The vehicle has a crew of two and can carry nine fully equipped infantrymen.

Bolivia first received these vehicles in 2016. Despite undergoing extensive off-road tests demonstrating its mobility in various terrains and weather conditions, the recent malfunction raises questions about the reliability of these armored personnel carriers in real combat scenarios.

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