Azerbaijan destroyed Armenian T-90 tank regiments using Harop kamikaze drones

As a result of drone strikes using Israeli-made Harop drones, Armenia has lost its entire T-90 tank regiments, a new report emerged from Armenia. Azerbaijan practically destroyed all main battle tanks and armored vehicles of Armenia.

The GDC obtained a video showing the aftermath of a strike by an Israeli kamikaze drone IAI Harop on a Soviet-era Armenian T-90 tank. Despite the fact that the heavy armored vehicle has ERA protection, there is practically nothing left of the tank – only a couple of tracks and fragments of armor are visible.

In the video footage presented, you can see that the tank was destroyed in motion, while, apparently, the drone delivered an accurate blow from above, as a result of which the tank not only tore off the turret, fragments of which can be hardly identified, but also blew a lot of armor into small pieces.

Despite the fact that Azerbaijan mostly used Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles, Israeli Harop drones were also able to destroy Pantsir SAM, Tank, Radar station and Iskandar theatre ballistic missiles in this conflict, in particular, at least two positions of S-300 air defense systems were destroyed by Israeli-made Harop drones.

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