Azerbaijani used TB2 drone to destroy second S-300 SAM of Armenia

Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense released video footage of the destruction of the second S-300 radar of ​​the Armenian Armed Forces.

The second S-300 air defense system destroyed on the territory of Armenia, while the fact remains unknown why none of the surface-to-air defense system of the Armenian Armed Forces opened return fire or at least did not find targets in the air.

Azerbaijan continues to destroy the air defense systems in Armenia, demonstrating the uselessness of the S-300 SAM previously acquired from Russia against unmanned aerial vehicles and “smart” munitions.

It remains unknown how exactly the attack was carried out when S-300 supposed to detect an aircraft from 300km away and capable of shooting down an aircraft from 200km away, however, there are versions such as a strike from an unmanned aerial vehicle from which the shooting is carried out, striking with MAM-L smart bombs. According to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani military used TB2 drone to destroy the S-300 air defense system.

A land-based transportable system, KORAL, developed by Turkey’s leading defence company ASELSAN, is capable of intercepting, jamming and deceiving radar systems.

The Russian-made air defense system proved useless, while it is possible that their work was disrupted due to powerful electronic suppression from both Azerbaijan and Turkey.

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