Azerbaijan destroyed Russian-made drone of Armenia

Azerbaijan uses the Belarusian Groza-S drone guard to destroy Armenian drones.

Azerbaijani media praised the Belarusian weapons, stating that. that thanks to the Belarusian “Groza-S” it is possible to repel the attacks of drones launched from the territory of Armenia. According to journalists, the “silent killers” of drones have been very effective.

“There are several electronic warfare systems in service with the Azerbaijan Army, and one of them – the Belarusian electronic warfare station“ Groza-S ”, developed by JSC“ KB Radar ”, is worth mentioning. Having entered combat service in the Azerbaijan Army in 2018, just two years after the start of serial production, the R-934UM2 “Groza-S”, which is installed on a self-propelled automobile chassis, provides a high speed of source detection, high accuracy in determining the direction of signals, signal generation digital interference, positioning and muffling of radio lines with a programmed setting of the operating frequency. On August 6, the armed forces of Armenia used a tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), attempted to carry out a reconnaissance flight over the positions of the units of the Azerbaijani Army in the direction of the Tovuz region on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border. Another enemy UAV was immediately spotted and destroyed by Azerbaijani air defense units. Azerbaijan used Groza-S to successfully repel Russian-made drones, reported Armenian newspaper

Earlier, the Belarusian Groza-S complexes proved to be excellent in Libya, where they were used to suppress enemy drones, mainly the forces of the Government of National Accord and Turkey. Nevertheless, the fact that Minsk is supplying arms to Azerbaijan, contrary to a number of agreements with Armenia within the framework of the CSTO, while realizing that Yerevan and Baku are in a state of conflict, causes serious concern for the Armenian authorities. Belarus has so far supplied Osa SAM, Groza-S and Polonez rockets to Azerbaijan Army.

Experts do not exclude that it is for this reason that the NKR army and the Armenian army were unable to achieve significant success in the use of drones and missiles in strikes on the territory of Azerbaijan, while Baku managed to ensure the capture of a significant territory of the NKR precisely thanks to drones.

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