Casualties of S-400 Deal: Turkish Albayraklar Defence seized operations

Turkish government-linked small arms and armored vehicle manufacturer, Albayraklar Defence said in a statement that it has seized operations for lack of work orders and accounts receivables from the customers. Turkey has been a NATO member since 1952 and arms exporter to the European countries–its defense industries are supported by NATO countries.

Yes, we’re a big defense firm, but we’re not strong enough to fight on our own. I regret to inform you that we have decided to put our valued defense company on sale together with the patent and trademark rights of the products for these reasons.”

Among extremely remarkable products of Albayraklar Defense Company are Wattozz CEW world’s first and only remote-controlled wireless electroshock gun and Wattozz T61 firearm modification system which eliminates recoil and muzzle rise for all kinds of short-or long-barreled rifles and pistols–in a statement the Albayraklar Group said.

Turkey has been kicked out of F-35 programme, French blockaded Turkish integration into Eurosam SAMP/T BMD programme, Germany and Japan refused to sale powerplant for Turkish domestic main battle tank, American blocked SOM-J integration into F-35 stealth fighter jets. Turkey lost $16 billion dollars defense contract from F-35 program. Turkey is about to lose $1.2 billion dollars T129 attack helicopter order for Pakistan Army as America reluctant to issue export licenses of T129 helicopter’s engine. Turkey could also suffer US denial if it seeks to upgrade its F-16 jets to the most modern Block 70 standard. Turkish has so far lost $20 billion dollars defense contract not to mention layoffs of thousands of jobs.

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