RPC Fort-221 Assault Rifle

Developed by the Israeli Weapons Industries, TAR-21 is produced under license in Vinnytsia at RPC Fort. The rifle uses a “bullpup” configuration, in which the bolt carrier group is placed behind the pistol grip; this shortens the overall length but does not sacrifice barrel length. As a result, the TAR-21 provides carbine length, yet achieves rifle muzzle velocities. The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic reinforced metal which helped to significantly reduce the weight.

The Fort-221 is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO caliber with a selective fire system, selecting between semi-automatic mode and full automatic fire mode with an effective range of 500 meters.

Formally, the production of the “Fort-221” under Israeli license began in Ukraine in 2009, but until recently these assault rifles and a shortened variant, the “Fort-224,” were only purchase in small quantities  for Special Forces of the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service).  It is known that, after the beginning of the conflict in Donbas that the “Fort-221” appeared among the weapons used by the “Tornado” battalion of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs).  The Defense Ministry reported on its intention to purchase about 500 of these weapons.

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The RPC Fort produces assault rifles under a license for Tavors to be manufactured in Ukraine.

  • Fort-221 – Ukrainian locally produced version of the CTAR-21 in 5.45×39mm.
  • Fort-222 – Ukrainian locally produced version of the STAR-21 in 5.45×39mm.

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