Morocco Plans To Buy ATR-72 MPA

 Morocco has started to modernize and develop its capabilities in the field of anti-submarine warfare, through two requests for the acquisition of two armed aircraft for maritime patrols, which coincides with Rabat’s readiness to start several major projects in the coasts of the Saharan regions, such as oil and gas exploration operations that are expected to be implemented by foreign companies, including Including an Israeli company.

The Moroccan Navy wants to acquire a maritime patrol aircraft specialized in monitoring and reconnaissance, and another tasked with search and rescue enhanced with electronic warfare capabilities, which stated that the likely candidates to win this deal are French, Italians and Americans.

It is expected that Morocco will obtain the French-Italian ATR 72 MPA aircraft, which is now used in many of the powerful armies in the world, such as the Italian, Turkish and Pakistani armies, and Airbus, in turn, is a candidate to enter the manufacturing line of one of the two aircraft.

According to the report, the Boeing P-8 Poseidon, Airbus MPA based on A330neo and ATR-72 MPA are three candidates for Moroccan MPA requirement.

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