Israeli F-16 Successfully Jammed Russian-made S-300 SAM of Syrian Army

Israel used powerful SkyShield electronic warfare systems against the Russian S-300 air defense systems and disabled them.

Israel’s evening attack on Syria demonstrated the uselessness of the S-300 Favorit complexes put into service by the SAA. As it turned out, the Israeli military not only entered the airspace of Syria from the side of neighboring Lebanon, but also jammed out the air defense systems of the Syrian military with their own electronic warfare means, completely incapacitating them.

Interfax news agency confirmed citing representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Israeli fighters entered Syrian airspace to strike Iranian Position.

The Syrian military previously received Russian S-300 air defense systems, which is advertised to have capability of engaging fighter jets at a distance of 60-70 kilometers.

Nevertheless, as it turned out, the operation of the S-300 SAM was blocked by an Israeli electronic warfare system and disabled by the Israeli Air Force F-16 aircraft.

For three years, the S-300 demonstrated zero efficiency, never fired at Israeli aircraft. In a number of cases, this could be explained by flights at low altitude, covering by a mountain range, using the airspace of other countries, but the last attack is a completely out of the ordinary case, since the air defense systems was jammed by an Rafael SkyShield Electronic warfare and from a distance of 60 kilometers could not detect the Israeli F-16 fighters, reported Al-monitor newspaper.

Israeli fighters successfully launch air-to-ground missiles hitting their targets, reported Middle East based Al-monitor newspaper.

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