Indonesian Navy commissions 9th and Final Bintuni-Class LST

The KRI Teluk Calang is the 7th ship of the class, but it’s the 9th commissioned ship of the Bintuni class LST, as the 8th (KRI Teluk Weda) and 9th (KRI Teluk Wondama) ships were commissioned by the Indonesian Navy last year.

The event was attended by many officials from the shipyard PT Daya Radar Utama and the Indonesian Navy, including Admiral Yudo Margono, the head of the Indonesian Navy.

In his speech, Admiral Margono stressed the importance of building these ships, which will increase the transport capacity of the Navy, with national means.

The construction of this ship has two important meanings: First, it’s part of the planning for the development of the Navy’s strength as well as the implementation of the Navy leadership’s priority programmes, namely the modernisation of the main weapon systems and the efforts to meet the needs of the Navy’s defence equipment.

Secondly, the construction of ships in domestic shipyards is an expression of the naval leadership’s commitment to the support and success of the government’s programmes, namely the increase of domestic production and the independence of the defence industry.

Admiral Yudo Margono, Chief of the Indonesian Navy

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