Russia Losing Tanks And Armored Vehicles Faster Than It Can Replenish

The picture shows a huge explosion and smoke on an open field in Ukraine in undated footage. Ukraine said its army blew up a Russian BTR-82, a wheeled armored personnel carrier.@53BRIGADE/ZENGER

Russia has faced significant losses of tanks and armored vehicles following the actions of Ukraine forces, according to reports.

Ukrainska Pravda, a Ukrainian online newspaper, reported that on Saturday Kyiv forces were successful in destroying eight tanks and 11 armored vehicles.

This report comes after a post by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Facebook page on Sunday.

The post highlighted Ukrainian estimates of the total losses Russia has faced since the conflict began on February 24, while also highlighting the latest additions.

According to the post, A total of 70,000, of Russia’s military personnel have been killed with an additional 150 killed on Saturday.

A total of 4,864 tanks have been destroyed with an additional 8 tanks destroyed on Saturday.

A total of 6,126 armored combat vehicles have been destroyed in total, it said.

As well as this, five operational-tactical UAVs, three vehicles and fuel tankers, two artillery systems and one helicopter, were destroyed on August 13.

The post also highlighted that 261 multiple-launch rocket systems, 136 air defense systems, 233 aircrafts, 194 helicopters, 980 artillery systems, 587 cruise missiles, 15 ships/boats, 3,039 vehicles and fuel tankers and 91 other vehicles and equipment of Russia have been destroyed due to the work of Ukrainian forces.

The General Staff Facebook page also noted that Russian troops had suffered their heaviest losses on the Donetsk front.

It closed with a rallying message against Russian forces.

“Beat the occupant! Together we will win! Our strength is in the truth,” it said.

“Strike the occupier. Let’s win together. Our strength is in the truth.”

Ahead of the actions by Ukraine forces, a Pentagon official praised Ukraine for their effectiveness against Russia throughout the conflict.

The unnamed Department of Defense official said that Ukraine troops have done things “we might not have thought were possible.”.

The morale of Vladimir Putin’s troops has also taken a hit due to the success of Ukraine’s forces, they added.

On a scale of zero to 10, the official put the effectiveness of Ukraine’s armed forces at a 12 “just based on how impressive they’ve been to us in so many different ways,” according to a readout of the briefing.

Explosions at an airbase in Russian-occupied Crimea on Tuesday had also caused significant damage to Russian aircraft and munitions, the official said, although the U.S. does not know what caused the blasts.

On Friday, CNN cited experts and satellite images in reporting that at least seven Russian warplanes were destroyed in the blasts, in what could be Russia’s biggest loss of military aircraft in a single day since World War II. Among the destroyed aircraft were Su-24 bombers and Su-30 multirole fighter jets, the outlet said.

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