China Deploys Su-35 close to Indian border

China deployed its Su-35 fighters against India learned GDC citing China Daily.

China decided to bring down to India the full power of its latest weapons, after India staged a provocation on the border with the PRC, as a result of which a real battle broke out between the military of the two countries.

The reason for patrolling the border with India was the appearance of a large number of Indian aircraft. In particular, several Indian Su-30MKI fighters were spotted here a few days ago, which were tracked in China using the S-400 Triumph air defense system, as well as Il-76 aircraft, after which China decided to fly Su-35 fighters into the sky.

According to Chinese news agencies, we are only talking about patrolling the border areas, since no provocative actions by India have yet been recorded, however, the PRC emphasizes that they are ready to react to any provocations, and not only in their territory , but also in border areas, and enemy aircraft will be engaged without warning.

China possesses domestically produced stand-off cruise missiles CM-400AKG and active radar homing PL-15 long-range air-to-air missile which Chinese side could launch from within China, but both missiles are yet to integrated with Russian Su-35 aircraft.

Experts believe that in reality, India is well aware of what provocations on the border with the PRC can lead to, and given that India and China both nuclear armed neighbors, both country’s will not display any hostile actions.

To date, the most effective military aircraft in service with India is the recently acquired Dassault Rafale fighter, while the effectiveness of Indian air defense is limited to only a hundred kilometers, but Rafale could strike in China with greater accuracy using Scalp cruise missiles and Su-35 would have no chance surviving world most advanced Meteor BVRAAM.

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