Ukrainian and Syrian forces started joint operations to take out key Russian mercenary recruitment centres worldwide

The alliance between Ukrainian and Syrian forces underscores the expanding reach and determination of Ukrainian military operations against Russian targets worldwide.

Ukrainian forces have joined Syria in its attacks against Russian targets, marking a significant development in the ongoing conflicts. Exclusive footage obtained by the Kyiv Post reveals Ukrainian special forces and Syrian rebels collaborating to dismantle Russian mercenaries in Syria. The video, dated March 2024, highlights these strategic assaults.

The Ukrainian special unit “Khimik,” in cooperation with Syrian opposition groups, is focusing its operations on Russian mercenaries supporting the Bashar al-Assad regime. Intense fighting is concentrated in Syria’s southern region, particularly in the Golan Heights, where Russian military forces are heavily entrenched.

The Kyiv Post has published exclusive footage revealing Ukrainian special forces, alongside Syrian opposition fighters, conducting attacks on Russian military positions in the Golan Heights region of Syria.

The video captures the Ukrainian unit “Khimik” targeting Russian block posts, strongholds, foot patrols, and military convoys.

According to a source from Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), these coordinated strikes have been ongoing since the beginning of the year, significantly impacting the Russian military presence in the region. The GUR reports that these operations have successfully hit numerous Russian military installations under the so-called “Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

A source from Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR), speaking on condition of anonymity, shared with the Kyiv Post that since the beginning of the year, these allied forces have launched numerous attacks on Russian military installations. Targets include checkpoints, strongholds, foot patrols, and military convoys.

The attacks employ a variety of tactics, using rocket-propelled grenades, improvised mortars, and IEDs. The footage shows explosive devices being deployed against vehicles and foot patrols, including a high-speed attack on a minibus traveling along a main road.

Russia’s intervention in Syria began in 2015 to support President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. This led to a permanent deployment of Russian troops in the country. However, since last fall, Moscow has redeployed some forces and equipment from Syria to the Ukrainian battlefield, potentially weakening their defensive positions in Syria.

Despite these redeployments, Russia has established numerous recruiting centers in Syria to enlist Syrian mercenaries for the conflict in Ukraine.

Previous reports have also highlighted Ukrainian special forces operating in Sudan against Russian interests, showcasing Ukraine’s broader strategic operations.

These centres recruit Syrian fighters, provide them with Russian passports, and integrate them into the Russian Armed Forces, often deploying them to conflict zones such as Ukraine.

Ukrainian special forces are also actively pursuing pro-Kremlin Wagner PMC mercenaries in other regions, including Sudan.

Earlier footage obtained by the Kyiv Post in February showed Ukrainian forces interrogating captured Wagner PMC mercenaries in Sudan. One detainee admitted to being part of a group sent to destabilise the local government.

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