Ukrainian HIMARS strike killed more than 400 Russian trapped soldiers in Vovchansk aggregate plant in Ukraine

On June 15, 2024, approximately 400 Russian soldiers were surrounded and trapped in the Vovchansk Aggregate Plant in Ukraine, and later, Ukraine used HIMARS rocket artillery to strike the Vovchansk plant and killed more than 400 Russian troops.

The Ukrainian forces, supported by precision-guided bombs supplied by the United States, launched airstrikes on the plant, leading to the surrender of some Russian soldiers.

The situation escalated as the surrounding Russian troops faced dire conditions with no reinforcements or evacuation options available. The Ukrainian military’s successful operation highlighted the strategic advantage gained through advanced weaponry and aerial superiority.

Ukrainian counterattacks recaptured key positions in Vovchansk. Russians surrendered en masse due to being surrounded and cut off. Ukraine struck Russian logistics. The situation in Vovchansk has seen significant developments as Ukrainian forces intensified their counterattacks and recaptured even more ground.

In a significant development, Ukrainian forces recently conducted their first-ever strike with fighter jets on Russian territory, targeting a Russian command center and massive ammo depot near Belgorod.

The strike resulted in a large-scale fire with secondary detonations, causing fear among the local population.

This attack underscores the shift in the operational landscape following the authorization by all Western partners for Ukraine to attack targets on Russian soil with Western weapons, including aviation bombs. It shows the way for Ukrainian forces to significantly damage logistic efforts to supply material to Russian forces participating in the Kharkiv offensive. This event is undoubtedly part of the shaping operations in an attempt to undermine Russian supplies and facilitate Ukrainian counter-offensive efforts. The original uncensored videos of this strike can be found on our Telegram channel.

According to different Russian military analysts and the Vovchansk City Military Administration, Ukrainian forces have recently retaken several positions within the settlement. Ukrainian officers have confirmed that most of Vovchansk remains under Ukrainian control, suggesting that recent tactical counterattacks have been successful in driving Russian forces out of central areas. Some Russian soldiers are now surrounded and cut off.

Reports indicate that Ukrainian forces are increasing their efforts in the northern part of Vovchansk, attempting to eliminate the salient by recapturing territory block by block to the west. For their part, in what appears to be a desperate attempt, the Russians are still trying to attack the industrial zone around the aggregate plant located in the south, where Ukrainian forces have concentrated their primary area of force buildup. This movement puts Russian forces at an evident risk of being cut off if Ukrainian advances to the West continue at their current pace.

Recent geolocated footage shows the success of Ukrainian counterattacks. The first video shows a Russian soldier walking unarmed along a Vovchanks street to the Ukrainian side because he decided to surrender and remain alive.

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