Israeli Navy’s ‘Shayetet 13’ Elite Commandos Thwarted Hamas Terrorists Boat Infiltrating Israeli Coast

This is the incredible moment elite Israeli commandos spray Hamas terrorists with machine gun bullets during a high-speed sea battle.

Footage shows the Israeli Navy skilfully repelling a sea assault by the Palestinian militants during their bloody cross-border rampage on October 7. In the video, recently released by the IDF, Israeli commandos with seamless efficiency shoot machine guns, throw grenades, and chase down Hamas speedboats.

Incredible moment elite Israeli Navy commandos spray machine gun fire at a Hamas boat as terrorists jump into the water.

At one moment, a huge explosion can be seen as one of the Islamic militants’ speedboats is destroyed. The troops then ruthlessly pursue Hamas terrorists who jump into the water and hunt them down.

The team seems to successfully destroy the enemy’s chances of infiltrating Israel from this stretch of sea.

The insurgents onboard were thrown into the Mediterranean Sea and then attempted to swim toward the coast, the IDF explained. “Israeli Navy ‘Snapir’ Unit opened fire on terrorists who were swimming toward the shoreline in an attempt to infiltrate Israel by sea.”

“Soldiers thwarted a number of terrorists, preventing them from reaching the coastline,” it added on Twitter/X.

The group responsible for such a fear was Israel’s 916th Patrol Squadron using Dvora-class patrol boats, The Times of Israel reports.

However, elsewhere along the coast – Hamas managed to evade or breakthrough Israeli defenses and rage war. The Israeli Navy will be bolstered by UK and US ships sent to the eastern Med this week to support Israel.

During last weekend’s surprise three-pronged attack, the terrorists and their allies stormed across Israel’s border by land, sea and air. Rockets, paragliders, and gunmen descended on Israeli border towns and unleashed pure hell on civilians in what has been dubbed Israel’s 9/11.

They slaughtered 1,300 Israelis in their homes, in the street and at a music festival before dragging 150 hostages back into Gaza. Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, said the attack was the deadliest single day for Jews since the Holocaust.

Today, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “exterminate the bloody monsters that rose up against us”.

“Hamas thought we would break up – we will break up Hamas,” he raged. It comes as Israel’s expected ground offensive looms ever-nearer.

This morning, Israel’s military announced it has surrounded the Gaza Strip – but its plans to launch a “coordinated” attack have been delayed due to bad weather. Tens of thousands of its soldiers and tanks massing on the border are “ready” for what the military has described as a major combined operation by land, air and sea.

Israeli army spokesperson Jonathan Conricus said its forces had Gaza surrounded with troops now “in formation… all around the Gaza Strip, in the south, in the center and the north.”

However, senior IDF officials today revealed their plans have been delayed. The ground invasion should have begun already but continues to be postponed due to bad weather preventing aerial cover, sources told The New York Times,

Meanwhile, the IDF accused Hamas of “stopping civilians trying to flee” and using them as “human shields” against Israeli airstrikes.

IDF spokesman, Jonathan Conricus said: “If that isn’t the most sinister and vile use of civilians during war, I don’t know what is.”

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