Azerbaijan captured Russian-made electronic warfare system in Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan has captured Russian-made advanced electronic warfare (EW) systems in the Karabakh region.

Azerbaijani forces have seized the modern Russian-made Repellent-1 electronic warfare system and the Pole-21M jamming system from Armenia-backed disbanded Karabakh forces.

The Repellent-1 EW system, known for its advanced capabilities, was a primary “gift.” This system is designed to detect and jam enemy electronic communication and radar signals.

The Pole-21M jamming system, another piece of high-tech equipment, is now in Azerbaijani hands. This system is designed to disrupt enemy communications, with a particular focus on radio and satellite signals.

The capture of these electronic warfare systems is a significant achievement for Azerbaijani forces. The Repellent-1 EW system and the Pole-21M jamming system are state-of-the-art tools, often used to disrupt enemy communication and radar systems. Their primary objective was countering Turkish-made Bayractar TB-2 drones.

Nagorno-Karabakh was at the center of a longstanding territorial dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which led to two wars over the mountainous region predominantly inhabited by Armenians. However, a recent, swift military campaign allowed Azerbaijan to achieve an absolute victory and regain full control over the entire region.

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