Lost in the Ukraine War, Mad Vlad prepares for the nuclear strike as dooms day sirens blared across Russia

Russia has said they are worried about “the danger of armed conflicts involving nuclear powers.

Sirens blared out across Russia today warning of an incoming nuclear attack as part of a terrifying drill.

TV and radio broadcast channels were also interrupted with chilling messages as Vladimir Putin brainwashed the public to prepare for WW3. The emergency alert rang clearly through all regional and municipal levels across the country at 10:30 am Moscow time.

Now, the Russian nationwide drill has enacted martial law, under the narrative that up to 70 percent of Russia’s housing facilities have been destroyed. Although smaller emergency system checks have been carried out in some regions before, today marks the date of the first nationwide test.

The emergency test also came with the assumption that mobilization has ended and that there is the possibility of radioactive contamination.

The Baza Telegram channel, which is affiliated with Russia’s security service, said: the wide-scale checks are due to the “growing danger of armed conflicts including [with] nuclear-capable powers near Russia’s borders.”

In a statement, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said: “When you hear the sound of a siren, you need to remain calm and not panic, turn on the TV – any publicly accessible channel or radio – and listen to the information message,

“The warning system is designed to convey a signal to the population in the event of a threat or emergency of a natural or man-made nature.”

The emergency alert tests occurred just a few hours after the Russian defense ministry claimed to have shot down 31 Ukrainian drones.

Putin plans to honour his 71st birthday this weekend by firing a nuclear missile. Credit: AP

In a statement on Telegram, the defense ministry said: “Attempts by the Kyiv regime to carry out terrorist attacks on targets on the territory of the Russian Federation were stopped.”

But Irina Tsukerman, a national security lawyer and geopolitical analyst, told The Express: “Putin is not seriously concerned about the possibility of a nuclear or other major scale attack by NATO.

“The practice of martial law is particularly useful as Putin continues to crack down and isolate Russia from external influence.

“The current circumstances allow plausible deniability for a crackdown using Western liability as an excuse to redirect outrage away from the leadership – and to get buy-in from the masses for upcoming further – and likely long-term restrictions.

“In reality, Russia is not preparing for a nuclear attack; it’s preparing for a long-term imposition of internal restrictions, such as martial law.”

At the weekend Putin’s second in command Dmitry Medvedev issued a sabre-rattling warning to attack British servicemen.

Medvedev said: “One newly minted cretin – the British Minister of Defence – decided to transfer British training courses for Ukrainian soldiers to the territory of Ukraine itself.

“That is, turn your instructors into legal targets for our Armed Forces, knowing full well that they will be mercilessly destroyed.

“These idiots are actively pushing us towards a third world war.”

This alert is part of an initiative from 2020 that requires the emergency systems to be checked twice a year. But it is the first time that a nationwide check has been carried out.

The United States is also due to carry out a widescale check of its public warning systems today – using mobile phones, as well as television and radio channels.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said: the purpose of the test is to ensure the systems “continue to be effective in alerting the public to emergencies, particularly at the national level.”

It comes amid fears Putin is preparing to fire a nuclear missile as a birthday gift to himself.

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