Israel and U.S. sign new agreement to further develop Hetz-3 (Arrow-3) missiles

Co-funded by the Israeli Defense Ministry and the U.S. Pentagon signed an agreement to continue cooperation in developing the Hetz-3 (Arrow-3) anti-ballistic missile systems and on the joint modernization of the Israeli air defense forces.

Due to Iran posture,  the United States determined to continue funding the development of the air defense system “Hetz 3” (Arrow-3).

According to Kol Yisrael, cooperation with the United States will allow Israel to defend its territory from ballistic missiles and destroy missiles with nuclear warheads outside the earth’s atmosphere.

The Ministry of Defense notes that the signing of the new agreement will significantly strengthen Israel’s position and ensure the protection of the Jewish state from the missile threat.

On February 19 2018, the Israeli Defense Ministry and the U.S. Missile Defense Directorate conducted tests of the missile defense system “Hetz-3” (Arrow-3), designed to intercept intermediate-range and long-range ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere.

Successful launch of Arrow-3 missile.

The tests that took place at the proving ground in the center of Israel were considered successful. They were attended by representatives of the Pentagon, the Israeli Defense Ministry, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Israeli Aviation Industry (IAI) and Boeing.

According to the deputy general director of TAA Boaz Levy, during the tests, the anti-missile missile left the atmosphere and fulfilled the technical task, the Time of Israel news reported. The following tests were conducted in Alaska, where there are no restrictions imposed by the geographic location of the launch site.

It should be noted that the Hetz-3 missile defense system has already been declared operational and has been handed over to the Israel Defense Forces as the fourth missile defense (after the Iron Dome, Magic Wand and Hetz-2).

On January 22 2019, a routine test of the Arrow-3 system, designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere, was carried out in Israel. The tests were carried out jointly by the Israeli Department of Defense and the U.S. Federal Defense Agency (MDA).

The tests took place as part of the process of improving Israel’s anti-missile capabilities. The rocket was launched from the Palmachim base, and residents of some towns in Gush Dana reported seeing a trail in the sky and hearing an explosion.

The Israeli Defense Ministry reported that the tests were successful.

Later, former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his special gratitude to the U.S. ally for cooperation in the field of security and the development, production and testing of defense systems, including the Hetz-3 missile.

The Hetz-3 missile defence system, developed under the directives of the Ministry of Defense is a key element of the multilayer defense system of the State of Israel, whose task is to protect against ballistic missiles. The system is considered one of the best in the world due to its high accuracy and long-range.

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