Vlad is in trouble, Russian conscripts revolt, break gates and storm out of Kazan military base

Russian conscripts appear to be in open revolt as footage emerges of recruits marching off a military base in the city of Kazan.

Mobilised Russian soldiers preparing for the war in Ukraine appear to have enough poor equipment and training as a mass walkout is caught on camera in Kazan, southwest Russia. The footage shows uniformed conscripts marching towards a guarded gate and demanding to be let through.

After a short scuffle, the men force open the gate and march out.

The Visegrád 24 Twitter account shared the video with the caption: “Mutiny in a military base in the Russian the city of Kazan.

“Partially mobilized men had enough of the treatment and poor equipment, and decided to head back home.

Guards tried to stop them but were outnumbered.

Russian mobilised troops appear to revolt (Image: Twitter)

It comes as a retired US commander Mark Hertling argued Ukraine is “holding the upper hand” against Russia in terms of fighting in winter.

Temperatures are falling in Ukraine with soldiers on both sides facing fighting in freezing conditions. 

Mr Hertling told CNN: “The weather plays an equal part on both sides truthfully, but what you’re talking about is the preparedness and the discipline within the force.

“What we’ve seen in the Russian force so far is a lack of discipline, a lack of leadership, poorly equipped.

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