President Alexander Lukashenko misses major state celebration, amid speculation of paralysis

Lukashenko appeared to beg a Russian security operative to provide him with transport and save him from walking at military parade. © Provided by Daily Mail

Belarus’ tyrant leader Alexander Lukashenko missed a major state celebration today, sparking further speculation that the dictator is seriously unwell.

It comes amid ongoing claims that the 68-year-old dictator ‘faces paralysis without back surgery in the West’.

Lukashenko, who is a close ally of Vladimir Putin and supporter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, usually speaks publicly at the annual National Flag, Emblem and Anthem Day but his prime minister read the message on his behalf.

Premier Roman Golovchenko was seen on video reading a speech in place of an absent Lukashenko at the event in Belarus.

Earlier this week Lukashenko was seen hobbling at Russia’s annual Victory Parade on Moscow’s Red Square before seemingly asking Putin and his security team to provide transport to save him walking less than a quarter of a mile during the parade.

During the event he looked visibly tired while his hand was bandaged, as he shuffled to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander Palace alongside the Kremlin wall to lay a wreath with the Kremlin ruler and other ex-Soviet republic leaders.

Appearing in evident discomfort, Lukashenko grimaced and pleaded with Putin to get him some assistance.

There are ongoing claims that the Belarusian tyrant is facing ‘paralysis without back surgery in the West’ but he is unable to travel for the procedure because of sanctions placed on him by Western countries.

The sanctions had been put in place because of his vote rigging in the 2020 presidential election and over his backing Putin in the war in Ukraine.

Following the parade, he was rushed towards the airport with an ambulance in tow, with rumours suggesting he was hospitalised at an elite clinic in Minsk with some claiming he is in a medically induced coma.

No one from Mr Lukashenko’s office has commented publicly on the matter and the people of Belarus have not been officially informed of the dictator’s condition.

Russian Telegram channels today suggest that Mr Lukashenko is ill but a long-running but unspecified condition that requires surgery.

‘The Belarus leader is in the hospital, he is being prepared for an operation – and maybe the operation has already been performed,’ stated Brief channel.

One rumour is heart bypass surgery.

Ukrainian news agency Unian alleged the overweight dictator – who has ruled Belarus almost three decades – suffers ‘very serious ailments of the endocrine system and cardiac diseases’.

Putin, who is also the subject of rumours surrounding his health, was said to be shocked at Lukashenko’s condition earlier this week, trying to call him after he returned to Minsk but was unable to get through.

But ‘what caused the [current] failure is unknown’.

Lukashenko is often described as the last dictator in Europe by those in the West, after ruling Belarus since 1994 and suppressing any dissent.

In 2020, Lukashenko awarded himself a landslide by rigging the ballot on a grand scale in an election overwhelmingly won by opposition candidate, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya who fled into exile.

His eldest son Viktor, 47, who has been a top security official, may seek to continue the tyrannical Lukashenko dynasty relying on Moscow’s support.

The death of the dictator is likely to see Putin, 70, seek to integrate Belarus into Russia – even using military force to do so.

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