Ukrainian HIMARS Artillery Strikes Destroyed Russian Ka-52, Mi-28 and Mi-8 Helicopters

The Ukrainian armed forces successfully attacked airports in the temporarily occupied territories on the night of 17 October, reported the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully attacked airports in the temporarily occupied territories.

The operation was called Dragonfly destroyed the following Russian military assets:

  • Nine helicopters of various modifications;
  • Special equipment that was on the airfields;
  • Air defence launcher;
  • Ammunition depot;

In addition, the Ukrainian defenders damaged the runways of the airfields and destroyed the enemy’s manpower. According to the SDF, the ammunition depot in Berdyansk detonated until 4am. Detonation in Luhansk continued until 11am. By the way, according to Russian propagandists, this is one of the most serious strikes in the entire full-scale war.

The information was shared by the Centre for Strategic Communication StratCom Ukraine. We are talking about the attack on airports near occupied Luhansk and Berdyansk, where the enemy’s army aviation (Ka-52, Mi-28 and Mi-8 helicopters) was based.

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