Russia’s Flagship Admiral Makarov Frigate Struck By Ukrainian Neptune Anti-Ship Missile

The Admiral Makarov is said to have been struck by anti-ship missiles while it was in waters off the coast of Odessa. Rescue ships and aircraft have reportedly been sent to the area and are being tracked by US surveillance drones. “OSINTdefender”, an open source intelligence monitor, tweeted: “It’s seeming more and more likely that the claims about the Russian Frigate Admiral Makarov being stuck by Ukrainian Anti-Ship Missiles off the Coast of Odessa are true.

Speculation has been growing over the fate of the Admiral Makarov, which Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko said on his Telegram account had been hit in a missile strike and burst into flames, reported the Daily Mail newspaper.

He said that the ship had been “badly damaged” after being hit by Ukrainian attacks but remained afloat for now. “Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly! The God of the seas takes revenge on the offenders of Ukraine,” he wrote.

Other confirmed reports on social media and Ukrainian news outlets said the warship had been hit by missiles near Snake Island in the Black Sea south of Odesa.

Russian forces sent helicopters to rescue the crew of the ship, according to Ukrainian news site Dumskaya, which said that the vessel had been hit by a Neptune missile.

Open source intelligence monitor OSINTdefender tweeted that it was “seeming more and more likely” that the reports that the vessel had been hit were “true.”

“Multiple rescue ships and aircraft are reportedly in the area with U.S. surveillance drones keeping eyes on it,” it added.

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