Ukrainian kamikaze sea baby drone destroyed Russian hovercraft in Black Sea

Ukraine’s kamikaze “Sea Baby” drone has brutally damaged one of Putin’s missile hovercrafts – marking the fourth Russian vessel to be damaged in three days.

The Black Sea vessel, called Samum, had to be towed into Sevastopol harbour after the strike which inflicted “significant damage.”

A picture said to have been taken today show the vessel in dock, concealing the reported “significant” damage to its right or starboard side.

The Samum was attacked close to the entrance of Sevastopol harbour in Crimea, which was already attacked two times this week.

The Russians admitted an attack but said it was repelled, despite Ukraine’s intelligence service saying the vessel was towed with a “large stern trim and starboard roll.”

The “Sea Baby” drone which struck the hovercraft is a newly developed Ukrainian-made marine drone capable of functioning in a storm.

It was previously used to conduct a crippling strike on the Crimean Bridge linking Russia to the annexed Black Sea peninsula.

The tyrant’s precious $4 billion crossing linking Russia and the annexed peninsula was rocked by massive explosions as motorists made their way across on July 17.

It also caused major damage to the 12-mile bridge – just months after the bridge came under fire in October.

The deadly “Sea Baby” drone hit the bridge armed with up to 850kg of explosives in the October attack.

Earlier this week, Ukraine unleashed a barrage of ten cruise missiles along with kamikaze drones in a massive assault on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Putin’s $300 million Kilo-class attack submarine Rostov-on-Don was rendered inoperable when it was hit in the Sevastopol shipyard.

Footage showed the scale of the attack – the largest of the war so far – on the city which is the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

A ship building and repair yard was engulfed in flames and a power plant and other Black Sea naval facilities were also reportedly hit.

This latest attack follows earlier damage inflicted on Russian landing ships Saratov, Novocherkassk, and Caesar Kunikov.

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