Turkey excels Russian military personnel accessing S-400 system in Turkish bases

Previously, GDC published reports that Turkey being a NATO member granted access to Russian military experts to Turkish military bases where S-400 was stored. Since the report was in public domain, Turkey now closed access to the Turkish S-400 for Russian military personnel learned GDC citing Russian newspaper Avia.Pro.

The head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate, Ismail Demir, said that against the background of the ongoing deployment of S-400 missile defense systems, the Russian military was banned from being at military facilities where such complexes are located. According to Demir, control over the S-400 completely passes to the Turkish military, and the maintenance of these complexes will be entrusted to Turkish companies.

What exactly is the reason for the Russian military’s blocking access to the S-400s located in Turkey is unknown, however, experts believe that this is due to possible risks that Russia can really gain control of the Turkish S-400s, since this country is a member of NATO.

“The head of the defense industry, Ismail Demir, said that the installation process for the S-400 air defense and missile defense system, which was delayed due to technical defects, is ongoing,” “Russian employees will not be able to access the S-400 batteries as they wish. ” Demir said: “The installation of S-400 systems continues, and some systems have been commissioned. Although the supply agreement includes items such as training, maintenance, and technical support, Russian personnel will not be able to access the S-400 batteries as they please. This is our red line. “Turkish companies and Turkish air forces will be parties that deal with systems and do business.”, – the Turkish information publication Miliyet reports.

It is not known exactly when it is planned to complete the deployment of the S-400 in Turkey, however, earlier there was information that the process could drag on until the end of this year, due to the very serious technical problems of S-400 system and the intention to avoid further sanctions by the United States.

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