Joy Ride: Israeli F-35 Pilot Grounded For Creating Sonic Boom Over Residential Area

Israeli Air Pilots have some insane achievements,– including dropping bombs on Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor, releasing drop tank from a low altitude flight while flying toward Iraq, dropping bombs on Syrian Regime’s nuclear facilities, flying to Ugandan capital at night and rescued hostages, flying over Russian S-300 and S-400 SAM, destroying Russian Buk and Pantsir-S1, and many more accomplishments.

On this occasion, the Israeli Air Force on Wednesday grounded a pilot who caused sonic booms over northern Israel the night before, startling residents of the area.

The sonic booms, which are caused by aircraft when they exceed the speed of sound, were heard in the northern port city of Haifa and the Jezreel Valley.

Residents of the areas, hearing what sounded like large explosions at approximately 10 p.m., feared that some type of attack or emergency was taking place, prompting panicked posts on social media.

“What’s that crazy boom that was just heard in the area of Haifa and the Jezreel Valley?” wrote a presenter on Israel Radio.

On Wednesday morning, the military confirmed that it was responsible for the noise, saying it was caused by “a pilot exceeding the speed limits for a flight during a training session of fighter jets in the area.”

The IDF added: “The pilot has been grounded.”

The F-35 is considered Israel’s most advanced fighter jet, with state-of-the-art stealth capabilities and powerful onboard computers that connect it to other aircraft in the sky.

Israel has signed deals with the United States to purchase 50 F-35 jets, enough for two squadrons, and is considering purchasing more.

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