Czech Army Received New Multi-role Armored Vehicles

On August 25, 2023, according to a tweet from Praisethesteph, the Czech 71st Mechanized Battalion received the first batch of new Titus Multi-Role Armored Vehicles (MRAVs).

The delivery includes three KOVS (communication) version vehicles, which will replace the obsolete R5 on the BVP-1 chassis, and one KOVVŠ (command and staff) version, intended to replace the MPP-40.
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The crews designated for these new vehicles will undergo comprehensive training and courses to learn how to fully utilize their new equipment. This training phase is crucial to ensure that the personnel are well-acquainted with the features of the Titus MRAVs. In a statement released on social media, the 71st Mechanized Battalion announced that they will deploy the new Titus MRAVs for the NATO mission in Slovakia at the turn of the year. The Czech Republic is leading this mission, and the addition of the Titus MRAVs is expected to bolster the effectiveness of the forces involved.

The Titus MRAV is designed with modular protection. The standard protection includes STANAG level 2 protection for the rear compartment and windows, and level 1 for the engine compartment. It is also protected against level 2A/2B mines and IED explosions up to 50 kg. Protection can be extended to higher levels, including protection against RPGs and IED explosions up to 150 kg.

The Titus MRAV is powered by a 500 HP engine with an automatic transmission (6+1). It offers 6×4 traction on the road and 6×6 off-road, with locking differentials. The chassis includes pneumatic suspension and Michelin 16.00 R20 tires, allowing for adjustable ground clearance. The steering system controls axles 1 and 3, with a turning radius of 13 meters. The compressed air braking system on all six wheels ensures additional safety.

The Titus MRAV (Multi-Role Armored Vehicle) has a length of 7.72m, a width of 2.55m, and a height of 2.73m. Its weight ranges from 17 tons when empty to 27 tons in combat load.

The Titus MRAV can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h and has a range of 700 km. It can climb slopes of 60%, overcome obstacles of 450 mm, and cross water bodies up to 1.2 meters without preparation.

The Titus MRAV offers modular capacity to accommodate up to 14 people. It has an interior volume of 14.4 m³ and storage capacity of 2.4 m³ inside and 1.3 m³ outside. Access is through a rear ramp, two front side doors, and various hatches. The Titus MRAV is also equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, electrical installation, and an air exchange system up to 240 m³/h. It is also adapted for the CBRN system.

The firepower of the Titus MRAV is prepared for various types of RCWS, ranging from 7.62 mm to 20 mm and a 40 mm grenade launcher. Additional modules can be adapted for various missions, including reconnaissance vehicles, command posts, ambulances, and self-propelled 120 mm mortars.

The addition of this vehicle to the Czech mechanized forces is a real advantage for them. In light of current global tensions and the ongoing arms deliveries to Ukraine, the replacement of vehicles is always welcome news for the Czech armed forces.

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