Ukraine destroys Russian Pantsir-S1 anti-air missile in Bakhmut

According to a video published on Facebook, soldiers from the 45th Artillery Brigade of the Ukrainian Army have destroyed a Russian armed forces air-defense system, the Pantsir-S1, which was heading towards Bakhmut.

The Pantsir-S1, also known by the NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound, is a combined short-to-medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system produced by Russia. Its role is critical in protecting key military areas, industrial targets, and land troops. It also serves to reinforce the air defense units of other military branches and services.

The Pantsir-S1’s armament consists of 12 57E6 surface-to-air guided missiles and two 2A38M 30mm automatic cannon guns. The missile system provides the Pantsir-S1 with a long-range interception capability of up to 20 kilometers in distance and 15 kilometers in altitude, while the cannons are designed for closer-range targets, up to 4 kilometers in distance and 3 kilometers in altitude.

The 57E6 missile is a two-stage solid-fuel rocket with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead and a contact and proximity fuse. The two 30mm autocannons can fire a variety of rounds, including high-explosive, fragmentation, and armor-piercing, at a rate of 2,500 rounds per minute.

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