Russian Buyan-M Corvette Sustained Significant Damage By Ukrainian Drone Strikes

Photos of the damaged Russian missile vessel Veliky Ustyug corvette popped up on the Internet. Veliky Ustyug is Buyan class Corvette armed with anti-air and anti-ship weapons systems, but failed to detect Ukrainian drone.

Transportation of the Russian project 21631 code “Buyan-M” vessel displaying visible damages was documented and published on an online forum.

The missile ship was spotted while being towed on the Volga river.

Buyan-M frigate is towed by two tugboats

It is likely to be transported to the manufacturer plant for damage repairs.

The ship’s hull and deckhouse have a large number of holes. Its main radar station was removed for easy river transportation.

The ship’s name and onboard number were painted over, but most likely it is the Velykyi Ustyug missile vessel with hull number 651.

The vessel belongs to the Caspian fleet of the Russian Navy. Prior to the full-scale invasion, it was relocated to the Black Sea and later took part in the aggression against Ukraine.

It is currently unknown when and how the vessel was damaged.

Velykyi Ustyug missile vessel of the Russian Navy. Photos from open sources

The Velykyi Ustyug missile vessel was built at Zelenodol Shipyard and commissioned in 2014.

The missile ship is armed with a 100-mm А190-01 gun, a 30 mm anti-aircraft АК-630М-2 “Duet” automatic gun, and two 3М-47 “Hibka” self-defense modules with Igla-S anti-aircraft missiles.

The ship is also armed with eight Caliber cruise missiles used by the Russians against Ukrainian cities and other targets.

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