Paranoid Putin sleeping in Kremlin office and using body doubles, amid fears of assassination

Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen with an inset of a Russian soldier in Mariupol on May 18. A Russian official admitted Putin's military is "playing catch up" against Ukraine during a recent appearance on Russian state TV. MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images; OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP via Getty Images

Vladimir Putin is “sleeping in his Kremlin office” for security reasons as fears of a possible assassination increase.

According to reports, Putin is rumoured to have deserted his family in favour of living in Russia’s famous Parliamentary building as he doubles down on his illegal war in Ukraine.

In a TV interview speaking about the Kremlin, Putin said: “I have an apartment here, where I spend a lot of time lately. I work here and spend a lot of nights often.”

SAS-trained facial recognition expert Graham Yuill believes the Russian President is terrified of being assassinatedCredit: Callan Media

It comes as the tyrant has been accused of using body doubles by a trained terrorism expert.

SAS-trained Graham Yuill told the Daily Record: “You can tell by just looking at the photograph of Putin that something is not quite right.

Graham Yuill has revealed the telltale signs that he says make it glaringly obvious that the tyrant regularly relies on doppelgangers.

Putin looked noticeably different in Mariupol, fuelling rumours he uses body doubles

“Each person’s face has unique characteristics that can determine if he is real or fake. However the photographs last week of Putin in Ukraine do mot match all his facial characteristics.”

The terror expert, who served in Northern Ireland to root out radicals, suspects the Russian President is laying low to avoid being executed by one of his long list of enemies.

With whispers of a coup swirling and an international arrest warrant hanging over his head, Putin is more panicked than ever.

His heightened fears have only fuelled rumours he is hiding away and sending lookalikes on public appearances in case of an ambush.

The warlord’s recent trip to Mariupol raised eyebrows after people pointed out numerous inconsistencies in his facial features.

Graham is one of the growing number of sceptics who believe Putin is using near-perfect body doubles – backed up by his years of experience in biometrics.

He says a string of key markers have “convinced him beyond reasonable doubt” that the despot is using doppelgangers.

The 65-year-old discussed the images of Putin in Mariupol and explained why he suspects something was amiss.

The expert face analyst, from Glasgow, told the Daily Record: “Each person’s face has unique characteristics that can determine if he is real or fake.

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