Ukrainian using Switchblade 300 kamikaze drones against Russian soldier’s hideouts, killing hundreds of soldiers

The Open-source-intelligence (OSINT) group Ukraine_Defence released on Feb 9 a short video showing the moment the Ukrainian drone strikes wipe out hidden Russian soldiers. 

The group said that Ukrainian troops had used Switchblade 300 loitering munition initially developed by California-based manufacturer AeroVironment.

In the footage, the Kamikaze drone can be seen flying into an unsuspecting group of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

The impressive footage from Switchblade drones comes as more clips emerge of Russian soldiers and military kits being decimated by Ukraine on the battlefield.

According to open sources, over 700 Switchblade 300 drones have been sent to Ukraine by the United States as part of an $800 million aid package that was launched in March.

The Switchblade 300 is small enough that a soldier can carry several in a backpack, set up its launching tube within a few minutes, and fire it off, with its folded wings snapping out like its namesake knife.

The 5.5-pound drone has a range of about 6 miles and its battery provides 10 minutes of flight time, according to a company fact sheet. The Switchblade 300s are ideally equipped for taking out lighter vehicles and personnel.

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