PRC regrets buying Russian S-400 air defense system

The PRC authorities suspect Russia of fraud with the supply of weapons under a previously concluded contract regarding the S-400 Triumph air defense system according to Chinese Communist party run newspaper Global Times.

China disappointed with the interruptions in the supply of missiles and spare parts for these S-400, however, if Russia claims that the situation is associated with an unfavorable situation in Russia due to coronavirus,– China believes that in reality, Moscow is playing a double game, preparing to deliver weapons to India faster.

Chinese state-run CGTN reports that Russia prioritizes deliveries of weapons systems to India proves that Russian are playing dangerous double game for financial gain from Sino-india conflict.

The suspension of the supply of S-400 Triumph interceptor missile from Russia to China may be related not to restrictions caused by coronavirus infection, but to the Sino-Indian border conflict, according to Defense24 reports.

Officially, possible interruptions [in supplies] are derived from the problems arising from the ongoing pandemic, but another, much more pragmatic and geopolitical dimension of the whole issue, related to tensions in Sino-Indian relations, should not be overlooked, the Global Times reported.

The Chinese media reported that Delhi may favorably accept the acceleration of deliveries of the S-400 Triumph from Russia to India, scheduled not for 2021, but for 2020. “This is not the first time that Russian S-400 missile systems have become the subject of a political game, this time between Moscow and Beijing,” says Defense24.

Earlier, it became known from the Chinese media that Russia had stopped the supply of missiles for the S-400 systems, however, the Russian side has not yet given any comments to clarify the current situation, however, if information on this matter is confirmed, the largest buyer of Russian weapons may stop cooperating with Russia in the field of military technology.

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