Turkish Anadolu Shipyard Delivered “Al Doha” OPV To Qatar Navy

Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard delivered the ‘Al Doha’ armed training ship for the Qatar Navy today; The armed training ship will continue its tactical training in the next few months before setting off for Doha.

The ‘Al Doha’ is in the Offshore Patrol Ship class weighing 2150 tons and a length of 90 meters and width of 14.2 meters. It is the first military ship of this size to be built and exported in Turkey.

The production schedule of the project, which includes the construction of two Armed Training Ships (CTS) for the Qatar Navy, started on February 25, 2019. The first of the ships, ‘Al Doha’ was delivered on 25 August 2021. The second ship, ‘Al Shamal’ is planned to be commissioned in the Qatar Navy in 2022. Four more ships are planned to be built for Qatar.

The ships have the ability to conduct helicopter operations day and night, and to provide fire support and emergency medical services. There are two fully functional bridges for training purposes on the ships, whose hull is high-strength steel and the superstructure is aluminum with a domestic and original design.

The Ship’s top speed is 22 knots and its economic speed is 15 knots. It can stay at sea for 15 days without refueling and has a range of more than 2000 nautical miles.

The ship crewed by 150 personnel and will be able to provide all kinds of operations and sensor-weapon use training with 76 students and 8 instructors, apart from 66 ship personnel.

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